What We Do

It’s your holiday … We understand that your holiday time is valuable so we provide an amazing experience that will bring a little relaxation, a little obstacle, a visual banquet, an orchestra of animal chatter, education and a lots of fun. We have an amazing quantity of visitors who return every year and refer buddies and loved ones to us because they know we correspond, safe, ethical and a great deal of fun.


Because we are owner run by 2nd generation islanders, we take our great track record seriously and we do this by:


Purchasing from local farms to support the health of our local economy and natural farming.

Working with local guides and preserving excellent relationships with the neighborhood.

Supporting a healthy world by recycling, composting and leaving NO trace at our camping areas when we leave.

Keeping an ideal security record.

Being ethical and reasonable to our clients and our staff.


The security of our visitors is our primary concern. We want you to have a worry free getaway so we have actually selected the very best devices readily available in the market and plan our trips around the existing weather condition patterns and tidal exchanges. All our staff are licensed in first-aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation and have comprehensive security training on and off of the water.


We are here to show you the very best of the very best while keeping you safe and offering you the very best paths for kayaking and cycling. We understand the islands inside and out and only lead you to locations that provide the most stunning and unforgettable views.